What Are Some Things You Should Check Before Buying Fertile Quail Eggs Online?

Have you ever wanted to raise quails but didn’t know where to get fertile eggs? Many people around the world raise this bird for its delicious eggs and meat, which they believe have a rich and flavorful taste. The egg isn’t just tasty but also highly nutritious, high in protein, iron, and vitamins like B12. If you haven’t given these a try yet, you should. 

Although people can buy these from physical stores, they can never be sure of the product’s quality or freshness. In contrast, fertile quail eggs for sale online directly come from farms that specialize in producing them. They will guarantee freshness, quality, and quick shipping and ensure folks receive them in the best packaging. However, if you have never bought them online, here are some things you should check before doing so. 

What should one know about them?

A fertile quail egg differs from a chicken egg; they are smaller and have a higher fat content than chicken eggs. Compared to chickens, domestic pigeons and guinea fowls also produce larger-sized eggs. The average weight of a fertile quail egg is about 9 grams (0.32 ounces).

If fellows have a fertile quail egg, it will look precisely like an unfertilized one. However, they can differentiate two items by their weight and size. Fertilized ones are slightly heavier than unfertilized ones, and they’re also smaller–but only by about 1%.

The color of a fertilized quail egg is slightly bluish compared with an unfertilized one. People can see this difference in hue more clearly when they hold the egg up against the light or shine it on white paper; otherwise, they may appear identical from afar (and even up close). 

How to recognize it?

A fertile egg has a dark spot on the top of it, known as a blood spot, coming from where the sperm enters the egg. These are larger than unfertilized ones. 

A fertilized egg has a strong smell, much like those of a hen but of a fresher kind. Finally, such products also have thicker shells than their infertile counterparts–so if yours aren’t quite as hardy as usual, it may be because they’re not fertile after all!

Things to check before buying them

Here are some things one should check before buying fertilized quail eggs online. 

Check the packaging  

It is always a good idea to look at the packaging before buying online for these products. Go with those companies that pack them in foam egg shippers that provide optimum protection during shipment. 

Choose a reputable breeder

Before purchasing, check if the seller has a good reputation. You can do this by reading reviews and testimonials from other buyers who have purchased eggs from that particular breeder or farm. You should also ask them about their refund and return policy and your options if you receive the products with shipping damage. 

You should check the breeder’s website. Look for information about their breeding process and how they care for their birds. If they’re selling fertile items, they should have photos of healthy-looking quails on their site and an active social media presence where customers can post reviews or ask questions.

Another thing you should consider asking is the egg’s age when you receive them. Select a breeder that ships the eggs by 72 hours after they are laid since that might compromise their freshness and viability. 
You should consider buying fertile quail eggs for sale online because that will ensure the best quality, freshness, and viability when you receive them. However, before placing an order, ensure that the breeder is reliable and reputable and takes every step to provide you with the best quality items possible.

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