Enjoying The California Sun In Malibu


When mentioning California, it is no question that its pristine beaches will come to mind. Regarding beach vacations, California is always at the top of the list. It is only partially exaggerated to say that Southern California boasts perfect weather all year round for a beach day. But don’t let this stop you from continuing that ideal vacation. It would be difficult to find a location more picturesque than Malibu. 

Planning Your Stay 

Checking in to Inns and Airbnb’s near the coast is a want for a Malibu vacation. Besides gaining a beautiful view of the pacific ocean, you can also enjoy delicious seafood dishes. However, there are few places to stay in Malibu proper because of opulent residences taking up the shoreline. If you want to push staying in Malibu proper, you can check many Malibu vacation rentals online. 

If Malibu is out of your price range, Los Angeles is nearby and offers a wide selection of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and homestays. Camping on the beach offers incredible views if you don’t mind roughing it. Make sure you have a booked spot at an authorized campground since you cannot just pitch a tent wherever. Leo Carrillo State Beach and Malibu Creek State Park are two possibilities in Malibu that are either on or close to the beach.

Activities in Malibu

  • Enjoy the beach. Malibu has around two dozen beaches with various names, each with its character and draws, making it worthwhile to visit. It makes it enjoyable for many fun recreational activities like swimming, surfing, and more. With over 2 miles of shoreline, Zuma Beach is one of the longest and a favorite spot for groups of friends and family to play sand volleyball. In a city known for the sport of surfing, Surfrider Beach is one of the best locations for surfing. The best months to surf are from September to November when the ocean is the warmest and clearest, one of Malibu’s main charms. El Matador is a “pocket beach” with picturesque caverns that might feel like a world apart from the bustling city of Los Angeles if you’re looking for something more private.

If you’re traveling to Malibu in the winter, don’t be disappointed if it’s not warm enough to go to the beach. Gray whales migrate to Mexico’s warmer waters from roughly December to March to reproduce yearly. The most admirable aspect is that you can view them for free because they are evident from the coastline.

  • Wine tasting. Explore the many vineyards of California and taste exquisite flavors of wines. The American Viticultural Association legally recognizes fifty boutique vineyards in the Malibu Coastal Region Association. This region of Southern California is the best suitable for growing wine grapes due to its cold seaside air and rich, volcanic soil. You can go in groups or go private when it comes to tours. The VW Bus Wine Tour stops at local vineyards, breath-taking overlooks, and drinks the finest vintages of Malibu while cruising the canyons. If you want something more private, try Malibu Wineries Private Tour. Or, if you are up for a hike, try to join the Small-Group Malibu Wine Hike. On a 2.5-mile circular guided trek, learn about a Malibu vineyard. You may enjoy breathtaking views of the Malibu Hills, Chumash cave murals, and the property’s organic garden. Expect a 300-foot elevation rise on an easy to moderate climb. Enjoy a free 375 ML bottle of wine to go after the climb!

Most people’s minds start to whirl just by hearing Malibu’s name, bringing up visions of immaculate beaches and a swanky hangout for celebrities. The good news is that Malibu, which is only up the road from Los Angeles and home to some of Southern California’s most coveted beaches, isn’t relatively as inaccessible as it sounds. The multi-million dollar houses that stand between the freeway and the natural beach might give the impression that Malibu is an exclusive retreat for the wealthy despite being one of the most popular beach destinations in the state, if not the entire country. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. Although some seaside property owners may have posted signs warning against visiting their property, wet sand is public land.

Remember that on all Los Angeles-area beaches, consuming alcohol, smoking, bringing dogs, taking naked sunbathes, or using fireworks are prohibited. However, always bear in mind that some beaches might make exceptions. But overall, just maximize your time and enjoy your stay!

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