Two Fantastic Tools for Merging PDF Pages

PDF is a popular file format that is used in press, business and law, education and many other areas. Since it’s adaptable to various platforms, users can utilize the format anywhere in the world, even when on the move. Today, many people collaborate on a major and crucial job, and every person of them will receive several documents. When they have completed their own documents, they are able to merge the documents. If you receive several PDF files from various colleagues, how can you merge all of them to create one? In this article we will present two applications that allow you to join PDF documents online and how to make use of these programs.


LightPDF will allow the management of PDF file, from conversion to editing. Additionally, it has options like merging with, compressing, rotating as well as protecting and unlocking PDF, among others. In addition, users don’t have to sign up or install, but are able to fully utilize its features. Use this method to combine PDF files.

  • Select the files you would like to merge , or simply drop them into the box. You can choose 2 and more PDFs at the same time.
  • Then, click then the “Merge” button to merge PDF files at no cost.
  • Click on the download icon for the PDF in a single file.

Soda PDF:

Soda PDF is another highly effective PDF software that lets you edit, convert view, review the PDF, merge, split it compress, sign PDF and many more. It’s not only packed with practical tools but also many options for users. for instance, you can upload files directly from your local drives or cloud services and you can save the files directly , or allow it to transfer the file to your email address. Let’s look at how it operates at

  • Visit the official website to learn more about “Merge PDF” on Soda PDF online.
  • Select an uploading option and then input your documents. The thumbnails of the files.
  • Additionally, you can drag a PDF around to alter its position so that , when you hit “merge FILES, “MERGE FILES” button, it will join PDF pages and release in the order you have set.
  • Download the file.

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