Great start for Sadio Mane in Bayern

The most popular Senegalese footballer to date, Sadio Mane, moved from Liverpool to Bayern on June 22, 2022. With Liverpool, the footballer was able to win many tournaments, the series of which are the Premier League and even the Champions League. In Liverpool, the footballer spent 6 years, during all this time he played 196 matches in which he managed to score 90 times, outstanding statistics for a winger. The player was acquired by the Munich team for more than 32 million euros, the amount will increase depending on the success of the player and the team in various tournaments. For Liverpool, this is quite a big loss, since Mane and Salah were the main attacking force of the team. The loss of Sadio may not have the best effect on the results of the team. But for Bayern, he can be an excellent reinforcement for the Champions League.

As for Sadio Mane, his start in Germany turned out to be quite effective. He has already played 5 games for the club, in all the football player came out at the start, which says that the team coach trusts the player and counts on him. For 5 matches, the Senegalese scored three goals. In addition to scoring, Mane has brought Bayern more opportunities in attack, from the statistical side, Mane is ideal for the team.

Bayern’s next match will be against Union on 3 September. Mane will certainly come out in the base in this match. To make watching the match more interesting, we advise you to bet on the most reliable bookmaker 22Bet. Bet odds Senegal is better than this bookmaker you will not find.

It is still difficult to talk about the future of a football player in the team. Based on these results, we can say that the player will succeed in the team. The only thing that can prevent the Senegalese from developing in the team is the injuries that have haunted the player from time to time in Liverpool. The player is only 30 years old, he could well spend a few more years at a high level and win both many club trophies with Bayern and a large number of personal awards. This year, the player may well add a second Champions League trophy to his collection. This season, the team is already in good shape, and despite the difficult group, the German giants will certainly go to the next stage of the tournament. Moreover, in this tournament, Sadio always showed an excellent game and often even made a result for the team alone. Let’s see if the same happens this year.

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