8 Easy Tips For Efficient Smartphone Optimization


Tired of your phone acting upon you? Well, it means that it is time to clear up your phone and optimize it efficiently. Normally, when we are about to buy a phone we research all about from the specs to its speed. However, no matter how fast your smartphone is, after a couple of months or years of using it, the device will start to get slow. The newly launched phones whether it be Apple or Samsung, do get slower with time. In fact, Samsung has introduced a lot of fast phones while the Samsung A23e price in Pakistan is much lower as compared to other faster phones, all of them get slower with time. Now there is no one way to optimize your smartphone, but you can always do these quick hacks that will eventually increase the speed of your device.

We have composed a list of the best hacks that will not only increase the speed of your phone but will also enhance the experience for you. Keep on reading these simple tricks to make your phone much faster.

Get rid of unnecessary apps

There are a lot of apps on our phones that we sure think we would use in the future, but we don’t. The unnecessary apps end up taking up a lot of space on our phones. It also decreases the speed of the phone. You should always delete the apps that you are not using because they will massively affect the speed of your mobile device. Also, another thing to keep in mind is to check the source of the app when you are downloading it. There are a lot of unverified developers that might send a virus to your phone. 

Update the operating system

Now there is a reason why you get regular updates for your phone’s operating system. The operating system doesn’t only bring enhancements to the features and apps of the phone, but it also enhances the performance of your smartphone. Another factor directly linked to the update of the operating system is to increase your phone’s security. There are a lot of security threats out there than you can realize.

Make your Home Screen Simple

The first thing when you open your phone is the lock screen or the home screen. It is very important to reduce the noise over there if you want to enhance the speed of your phone. You need to get rid of any motions or animations from your phone if you want to make your phone run faster. Animations and motions on the phone make it much slower and your phone also starts to drain the battery at a faster rate. Hence, it is advised that get rid of all those fancy animations and motions from your phone, which will eventually make it much faster.

Clear Cache Data

Having your phone storage running low on you is one of the worst things. It goes more for iPhone users because unfortunately, unlike Samsung or other android users you can extend your phone’s storage with an external SD card. It is highly recommended that you regularly delete the cache data from all your apps. A cache is basically the temporary data that your phone stores through different apps and browsers. It isn’t of any use and should be cleared out because it occupies storage on your phone. When you clear additional storage from your phone, it will make the phone much faster. You will also have more storage to work with on your device.

Don’t use live wallpaper

Live wallpapers do look a lot cooler than regular ones, but they tend to drain the performance of your phone. The live wallpapers take away a lot from your phone including the battery and also the speed of the device. You shouldn’t use live wallpaper as it will slow down your phone and you will also notice that the battery of your phone is draining at a much faster rate.

Delete old messages

We might not think about this but messages on our phones also decrease the phone’s efficiency. It occupies a lot of space on our phones and decreases the speed of the smartphone. You should always delete your old messages and conversations after 30 days. In this way, you wouldn’t be able to lose your old data, while also increasing the overall speed of the phone.

Use background app refresh

This adds a lot when it comes to the overall optimization of the smartphone. For both android and iPhone users, you are given an option of background app refresh, which will reduce all the noise on your phone running in the background. It will eventually make your smartphone much faster.

Do a factory reset

Initiating a factory reset on your phone is one of the best things you can do. It will clean everything and make your phone perform like a new device. However, you need to make an extensive backup of your data because a factory reset will delete everything from your phone. So make sure that you have stored all your pictures and other files on cloud storage or computer.

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