I’ve always had an interest in technology, as I grew up in a world of computers. However, I never thought I had a chance of getting a job in the tech industry until I learned that I was a girl.

I dont know if it is even possible to get a tech job in the US, but it appears that you have to be a male to get one. I guess it is in the military, or maybe the FBI? I guess I could be wrong, but I dont know.

Ive heard that the tech industry hates men, but that they arent trying to discriminate against them, instead they are trying to protect them. As far as I know, there is no law saying you cant be a woman in tech, or you cant work in tech.

I think that the tech industry hates men, but the internet is full of people who hate men. We just have to be careful to be quiet when we see them because they don’t actually exist.

To put it more bluntly, the tech industry thinks men are too stupid to understand the internet, so they should make them invisible. I don’t know if this is true, but I think it is.

As a side note, I believe that some tech companies do actually value and respect men. So it may just be a false statement, but I think they do have a point.

The most infamous tech companies in the world are perhaps the most famous of all. They are: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, and LinkedIn. I have a feeling that each and every one of these tech companies does indeed value and respect men. In that regard, they are just like any other tech company; they have a product, they want to make money, they might not be very good at it, but they do actually care.

That’s what I’ve always believed, and that’s also what the Apple, Google, and Facebook of the world are trying to be. The Apple is trying to make money for its shareholders, the Google is actually trying to make money for its shareholders, and the Facebook is actually trying to make money for its shareholders. I’m sure there are others.

Yeah, I know. I have a feeling there are others. But Apple, Google, and Facebook are trying to make money for their shareholders, and that is something I think I can agree with. If that doesnt work out, well, they can always put in a bid for the next CEO.

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