tied and tortured

Tied and tortured is a term that has been used to describe an attitude toward being tied to a toy. I don’t like ties. I also don’t like tied and tortured. My favorite way to tie my kids to a toy is to tie them to a string. My parents were very stubborn and said that they didn’t want to do this. My brother’s parents didn’t want his kids to do this.

My parents were very stubborn, too. They wanted their kids to be able to do whatever they wanted, without any consequences. They said it was better to learn from their mistakes, and the kids should just be free and do whatever they wanted. I always thought this was the best way to teach kids how to be a free person. I still think that way.

I remember I used to play with this toy. It was a long string which attached to a toy. With a pin and a string you can tie anything to a string. The string was a pretty big one, but it was still tied to a toy. And you could walk around and do whatever you wanted to it.

A lot of people find this idea of a tiered education to be a bit weird, but that’s because they imagine it to be a form of discipline, a way to control children’s behavior. I think it’s much more along the lines of the same idea of having rules that you know your kids can break, and then making it clear that kids who break them are punished.

My parents could not have been more different growing up. In our family, my dad was the disciplinarian. I think I was at least twice as disciplined as he was. My mom was a bit more relaxed, but still had her rules. There was no one parent who really had the final say on what my brothers and I did and when we did it.

That’s not completely true though. It’s true that my parents were in a good position of having the final say on what I did and when I did it. However, my mom was somewhat stricter than my dad when it came to the rules that were broken, but there were a few rules that I did break that were my fault. For example, I would often sneak behind my mother’s back and steal her computer because I thought it was funny.

I’m kind of bad at telling the difference between an unbreakable rule and one that I broke, but for example, I can never tell when my mother calls me and asks me to bring something. That one is a little harder to decide so I’ll just say that my mom is an extremely strict person, and she will almost always take the initiative to try to break rules.

The difference between breaking a rule and being an ass is that breaking a rule usually means you’re wrong, but being an ass usually means you’re right. Because the world is a terrible place, breaking a rule usually means you’ve made a terrible mistake. It’s the worst thing I can think of.

The word “ass” is used when a person is being a complete ass to another person but not to themselves. This can be a little more nuanced than just “being an ass.” It can also be when youre an asshole. When someone is an asshole by your standards, they are probably a little more than a little ass. An asshole is someone who thinks they are better than everyone else. A person who believes that they are not better than anyone else is an asshole.

What makes an asshole? There are a variety of ways to be an ass. You can be the hardest, most persistent, most stubborn person. You can be someone who is constantly trying to prove someone wrong. You can be someone who has a high opinion of themselves. You can be someone who thinks they are better than anyone else. You can be someone who is constantly trying to prove everyone else wrong. You can be someone who is constantly trying to prove someone else wrong.

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