nkpsalve is a weekly column featuring one of our favorite bloggers. Every Monday, we feature a new post written by a blogger who lives and loves in the Seattle area.

nkpsalve is the brainchild of the folks behind the awesome and popular blog “We Are Seattle.” They are part of the original group of bloggers who started the “weareseattle.”com website.

nkpsalve provides a great venue for our bloggers to interact with each other and with our readers.

I’m not sure if I can put a price on this, but I think the price of this post is that I’ll be able to get a whole bunch of free copies of our latest book.

We Are Seattle is one of the most popular blog communities in the whole world (it has over 4,000 members), and they are also a very active group of bloggers here in Seattle. Their blog is one of the most popular on the site, and I’ve been talking to them about it for months. I know they’re going to do a lot of work, and I think that you guys will all be very interested in what they come up with.

We Are Seattle is a group of independent bloggers that share their opinions and thoughts on a wide range of subjects, including politics, music, and even their favorite TV shows. A great example of this is their article on The Last Station, a fictional high school where students spend their time fighting and killing each other. We Are Seattle members also have an online forum where they discuss their favorite shows and movies, their favorite bands and artists, and other things.

Well, that was quick. Here’s some of the great stuff they had to share with us.

In addition to The Last Station, nkpsalve has been an active member of the SF/F fan site All-Star SF, as well as the group I AM SEATTLE, which was a semi-regular column that had some great stories and a few of the best posts (we’re talking about a column here, not a blog post). And of course they have their own fan site,

A lot of the great stuff they shared with us was related to their new game Deathloop. We’re very excited to see them tackle this in a big way. A big problem with the game is that it does away with the concept of a main character and allows you to play as an NPC, which is a great way for a game to be completely freeform. In Deathloop, you play as Colt—an amnesiac who can read minds and can use illusions.

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