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This is the second of our five articles on the topic of mania surve. The first was titled “The Insane Truth About Mania,” but this one is a more complete and thorough explanation of the disorder, the symptoms, and how to recognize it.

Mania is a mental disorder characterized by a high incidence of outbursts of extreme mood, aggressive behavior, and out-of-control behavior, all of which occur in clusters, usually lasting for an extended period of time. The disorder is named for the English word “mania,” a word derived from the Greek for “glee,” and the root meaning, “to enjoy or love intensely.

When you’re not manic, you’re a lot less likely to act out or act out in the first place. You’re less likely to act out in your own life, and less likely to get yourself into situations that you can’t control. That’s also the main reason why manic behavior is often a precursor to schizophrenia.

Maniacs are usually people who have a tendency to act out, but have a tendency to not act out. The word “manic” was originally used to describe a person who was very good at acting out, but was unable to control their actions. In modern usage, however, it’s used as a more general term for someone with a serious mental illness.

We are currently experiencing a “manic” crisis in the office. In fact, the entire office is manic. We have a whole department of people who are too busy with their work to care about their personal lives.

When these people are not manic they may just be experiencing another form of mental illness, like bipolar, schizophrenia, or whatever. But in the workplace, they are also acting out. There have been several incidents of people screaming, yelling, throwing things, and generally acting out, because the people who are manic are too busy to care about their personal lives. In fact, they are so caught up in their manic lifestyle that they can’t even see what is going on to start with.

People who are manic may go on to become manic again, but they may also experience manic depression which is a whole other ballgame. Manic depression is a mental illness in which it is the person who is manic that is depressed. Some people who are manic may go on to experience manic recovery, but as with manic depression, they are more likely to have a relapse if they return to their old ways again.

One of the most popular approaches to manic recovery is to go on a manic vacation. The idea being that once you are off your manic-depression high, you can spend the rest of your life having a good time. This is a great method, but it is also a recipe for disaster because of the many ups and downs of manic depression.

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