Why We Love largest cake ever made (And You Should, Too!)

I have always been a fan of the cake-cutting process. So when I was asked to create a cake for a sweet family member, I set out to create a simple, elegant cake that would be perfect as a thank you gift.

I’m not sure if this is the most appropriate way to say this, but I’m actually so proud of the cake I’m making for my friend’s birthday. It was a little on the messy side at first, but I got the hang of it and it turned out beautifully. It came out to about 6 inch diameter, and is so incredibly, incredibly pretty. I’m very happy to finally have a cake I’m proud of.

The cake I’m referring to is a cake that was created by a woman named Eileen. Eileen had a very successful cake shop in Boston and I knew I wanted to try to make a cake for her. After searching for a recipe for my first attempt, I was told by my Aunt that a recipe for a large cake in fact existed. I went to my Aunt’s house to find a recipe, and sure enough there it was.

After my attempt was successful, I was asked to make a custom cake, which was to be a replica of the cake Eileen would have made. The recipe for the custom cake she would have made was a little easier to make, so I went to work and made one for her. The custom cake was so stunning that Eileen could only hold it a few seconds before she was done.

I love the way the cake looks. It’s as if the cake is the perfect, finished painting of the perfect person standing there in front of you, smiling, proud of her creation. Unfortunately Eileen was sick when I made the cake and had to leave it for a while. I went to visit her a few days later, and she was very sad. She told me that she could not have made it because she was too sick.

One of the things I think is good about the cake is that it’s not just a cake. It’s an art piece. That’s how much of a special treat it is. It’s the best cake I have ever eaten.

Eileen’s cake seems less special because she is sick. But you know what? It’s a special cake because she is special.

Eileen’s sick, but not because she has cancer. She was so sick that she couldnt even come to the party. She died a few weeks later. If Eileen had died that night I probably wouldnt have invited her to the party. It isnt that it was a big deal because she had cancer. Its that she was so sick that she couldnt come to the party.

We can’t thank our lovely Eileen enough for the gift of cake. It is truly a wonderful thing to have someone die peacefully, and we can’t imagine anyone not enjoying the cake. And Eileen, if it makes you feel any better, the cake has been called the “largest ever”.

To honor Eileen, we will be giving away a cake that has a name a little too close to Eileen.

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