I’m sure you’ve heard of the Christian Patriot network, or maybe read about them and then thought about how you could be a Christian Patriot. Or maybe you’ve heard of and wondered “what the heck is a Christian Patriot?” I’m a Christian Patriot; I’m a political conservative, and I’m very proud to be a Christian Patriot. Of course, I’m probably not the most politically-oriented of people, but I’m a conservative who doesn’t mind voicing my political beliefs and opinions.

As a Christian Patriot, Im a proud member of the conservative movement. I’m a member of the conservative party, the GOP, that is to say, the Republican Party. I am a registered Republican myself. I am a strong supporter of President Bush’s policies and policies of the Republican Party. I want to see President Bush re-elected to re-establish the American constitutional order, which he had failed to do during his first term.

The main reason I like and want to see President President Bush re-elected is for a long time my own reason for wanting more Christians on the Republican Party ballot. Im willing to disagree with an election that is currently being held this November. My only concern is that this will cause more people to vote for President while also creating more noise for the other candidates.

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