737 calls

This call is the same as the one given earlier, but it’s actually the same call that I made. Some call it an “I have a problem.” Some call it “I have a problem.” I call it an “I have a problem.” I am not talking about my own problems. This is about my own thoughts and actions.

At first I thought this was going to be a call to help me not freak out over the 737 situation, but instead it was a call to help me get over my own problems. That is, if I’m stuck in a time loop, then I can’t help myself from freaking out. I can call out to my friends and family to help me get through it, but that doesn’t work with time loops.

Yeah, the 737 call isn’t really about people or helping them. It’s about you. It is a call to you. You have to be willing to be on the verge of self-discovery. You have to recognize the things that have been running through your head. You have to trust yourself to do something about it. I could go on, but I think it is pretty clear that self-discovery is what 737 is calling out for you.

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